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EL 5200 Status - Thermal insulated

EL 5200 Status - Thermal insulated

EL 5200 Status - Thermal insulated

The advanced design, the excellent quality, the high levels of thermal insulation and sound reduction are only certain of the characteristics of this line, which can cover all techniques of manufacture and operation of frames.


Main characteristics

  • Exceptional thermal insulation with 22mm multi-directional glass-fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Air permeability due to special designed, EPDM multi chamber sealing gaskets
  • Water tightness due to external, perimetrically located drainage channels
  • Available in curved and linear shape



Frame dimensions

Width 66,9 mm , 75,2 mm, 100,6 mm, 103,8 mm, 125mm , 180 mm - Height 54,3 mm, 69 mm, 76,5 mm

Sash dimensions

Width 75,2 mm - Height 71,5 mm, 85,8 mm, 105,5 mm



Maximum sash dimensions

Width 1150 mm - Height 2250 mm

Minimum sash dimensions

Width 390 mm - Height 500 mm

Maximum sash weight

80 Kg

Glass thickness

4 mm to 48 mm

  • The design, production process and quality control of all ELVIAL profiles are certified according to the European standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • ELVIAL coating process is certified and conducted in accordance with the European standard QUALICOAT.
Types of Constructions
  • All types of opening frames



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