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Maintenance Instructions for Frames

Maintenance Instructions for Frames

Aluminium frames are characterized by high resistance to weather and time.
To ensure long lasting smooth operation and flawless display of frames, it is needed to follow the following basic rules of proper maintenance and cleaning:


• The profile should be cleaned with water and neutral detergent using a soft cloth.
• All moving parts of the mechanism and the hinges should be lubricated with grease or silicone spray after being cleaned with a soft cloth.
• The gaskets have to be wiped with a soft cloth sprayed with a spray or silicone grease.

In coastal areas this must be done four times a year.


• Cleaning the profiles with mineral products such as oil, grease, gasoline and solvents.
• Rubbing of frames with sandpaper, wire, metal brushes, metal spreader or blades. This can cause irreparable damage to the profile and regarding the glass, this could degrade the visual quality.
• To wash the frames with a pressure hose or tap. It can create permanent moisture at the base of the glass, which can affect the sealing material and penetrate into the air gap of the glass.


The frame should be opened and closed using the handle, the latch or lock in the correct positions as indicated by the technician during the delivery.

In cases of frames with tilt mechanism, pay special attention to handling. It might be blocked and not work properly.

Do not restore any damage or try to fix it yourself. Call a technician from your fabricator.

Building materials such as cement, lime, gypsum, painting colors must be removed immediately. Fresh silicone residues should be cleaned with cotton and alcohol.


Damage or malfunction occurred in frames may be due to:
 -Failure to meet the above conditions of maintenance and proper operation
 -Damage caused by third workshops
 -Extreme weather conditions or natural disasters
 -Intervention from an unauthorized workshop.


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