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Technological Advantages

Technological Advantages
Technological Advantages

Die Manufacture - Die Design and Production Unit

A precondition for the correct production of our aluminum profiles is the correct design, construction and preparation of the die.

Having this aim in view, we at ELVIAL have invested in technology and specialized workforce, in order to offer prompt service and upgraded solutions that meet our partners' needs.

ELVIAL has its own, distinct department of die construction. Construction reliability is guaranteed by the unit's cutting-edge mechanical equipment. Dies are developed and designed in reliable CAD/CAM systems and manufactured on CNC high speed machining center. Our CNC equipment from renowned suppliers ensures fast production and high quality in die manufacturing.

At ELVIAL, our personnel’s experience in aluminum extrusion leads to the development of new types of dies guaranteeing high performance, higher quality and long lifetime.


Effective cooling and quenching system in the extrusion press 

The isothermal extrusion at the exit of the extrusion press, along with quenching at the suitable cooling rate, according to the specifications of each alloy, are critical factors that influence the mechanical properties of alloys. ELVIAL has developed and installed a highly effective automatic system that controls the temperature of the extruded profile and cools the profile through air or water mist at the appropriate cooling rate, depending on the requirements of each alloy.

The artificial ageing process is performed in modern automatic ovens, with excellent thermal distribution in the entire charge and close control of the ageing cycle.

All the above guarantee the required mechanical properties of each profile.

ELVIAL is capable of meeting the specifications of the most demanding companies for profiles of special requirements with small or large dimensions, small weight, big diameter, close tolerances, or profiles of special alloys for unique constructions.

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