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New Frame Profile EL 5265 for EL 5200 & EL 5600 Systems (Mar 2011)

We would like to inform you a new frame profile, EL 5265 is available for EL 5200 & EL 5600 systems. The dimensions of the profile EL 5265 are the following: outside height 69mm & inside height 47mm.

The profile EL 5265 has been created in order to facilitate the placement of the tape case whenever you place external rolling shutters.

Moreover, it can be used in case the door or window is placed in the middle of the wall and there is an insessorial rolling shutter.

This specific profile combines with the sashes of the systems EL 5200 & EL 5600.

We stress that, depending on the system you are using (5200 or 5600), you must place different joint corners and furthermore, sash cuttings must be different.

In case you are using the system 5600, you should put in the squaring machine the frame knives for EL 5400, EL 4300 & EL 4600 systems.

We would like to draw your attention on the fact that this particular profile combines only with the wall connector profile EL 2080.


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