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Profile Production – Extrusion Lines

Profile Production – Extrusion Lines
Profile Production – Extrusion Lines

ELVIAL’s industrial complex has two extrusion lines, with a total annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of profiles:

•  2800 ΤΝ short stroke Extrusion Press

•  2200 ΤΝ Extrusion Press


The range of profiles produced is virtually endless and today there are over 6000 active product codes encompassing different cross-sections and specifications for architectural and industrial use.

Each extrusion line is supervised by three employees that are in charge of the production process and the strict quality control of the products, ensuring ideal production conditions that guarantee constant quality.

ELVIAL’s ultramodern production facilities allow flexible production and guarantee high quality products according to European quality standards


Technological advantages of ELVIAL extrusion lines


The following are just a few of Elvial’s competitive advantages as regards extrusion:

-Nitrogen cooling of the cast

-Advanced Cooling unit (T. Box),
guarantees maximum exploitation of the mechanical properties of the alloys. Ideal for aluminium profiles with special requirements .

-Flying cut system
, advanced system of drawing the profile through the press, which cuts the profile exactly at the joint, aimed at minimizing scrap.

-Fully automated operation
, the whole line employs only three staff.
All line operating commands are issued by the central control panel through which the best production conditions are set individually for each profile. Moving the profiles from the pressing machine to the final saw, placing in baskets and transportation to the accelerated ageing centre takes place without any human intervention as the process is fully automated using special robot destackers.

- Accelerated Ageing CENTRE (not just single ageing ovens), which provides the flexibility of many programmes for the mechanical hardening of profiles.

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