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Automated Logistics Center

Automated Logistics Center
Automated Logistics Center

Robotic Warehouse and Model Robotic management and distribution systems

At ELVIAL we create new models of quality and service. Our aim is for our collaborators to receive their orders fully complete and with unrivalled ELVIAL quality.

Thus we have reengineered all our operations, enacting optimal workflow, while at the same time keeping our business flexible to ensure smooth scalability.

ELVIAL has implemented a very powerful internal logistics system, which includes:

  • Robotic Management and distribution systems for products
  • Robotic Warehouse
  • Robotic system of automated feed for production lines
  • Robotic system for preparing customers’ final orders

Some of the above robotic systems were developed in collaboration with leading automation companies using specialized machinery. ELVIAL’s whole industrial complex represents a model of innovation, technological breakthrough and ergonomy, in the global aluminum extrusion sector.

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