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New certifications for ELVIAL multilock systems EL 4600, EL 5600, EL 6700 and EL 4400 systems (July 2011)

ELVIAL is a company that is constantly evolving, having as an aim to exceed itself. The constant search for strengths in its systems belongs to this logic. Thus, our company has completed its certifications regarding thermal transmittance values (Uf) for EL 4400, EL 4600, EL 5600, EL 6700 systems in the most reputable institute, ift Rosenheim in Germany.

ELVIAL S.A. is now offering one the most complete ranges of certified systems among Greek aluminium extrusion industries.

Once again, ELVIAL, which is dedicated to high quality, is offering products that are first tested and certified in the most reliable European Institute, Ift Rosenheim. Proud of those results, ELVIAL promises that it will continue to provide certified products of high quality and safety.


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