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Certification & CE Marking

What is the CE?
The CE marking affixed on a product certifies that the product complies with the requirements defined by EU legislation and indicates that the product can legally circulate on the market. Product compliance and consequently the CE marking are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

What are the requirements for CE marking?
In accordance with standard prEN 13830, the following are required for obtaining CE marking:
1. Initial type tests (ITTs) in a laboratory notified by the manufacturer or by the designer of the system.
2. Implementation of a Factory Production Control (FPC) system, according to the technical specification and the standard type tests, either by the system’s designer or the producer.
3. Preparation of a declaration of conformity with product properties, stating the producer and the notified laboratory where the tests were performed.
4. Provision of certifications for the systems by the system’s designer upon condition that the manufacturer produces the final product in accordance with the technical specification and standard type specimens.

When is it mandatory?
The marking has been applied to curtain walls since the start of 2006. It will become mandatory for frames during the year 2007.

ELVIAL’s response
1. Certification of systems at the notified laboratory of Ift Rosenheim, not only as regards mandatory EC measurements but also as regards security and protection against forced entry.
2. A standard technical specifications dossier regarding producing and installation of frames for quality assurance.
3. A special committee inspects in situ the correct implementation of frame production and only if this complies with the notified control procedures will ELVIAL give its partners the certifications. Subsequently periodic inspections are carried out to verify that ELVIAL’s certified partners are complying with the technical specifications.

ELVIAL’s partners are already ready for the CE marking! Are you?

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