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Profile Coating – Electrostatic Powder Coating Plants

Profile Coating – Electrostatic Powder Coating Plants

Profile Coating – Electrostatic Powder Coating Plants

At ELVIAL we give you the opportunity to truly show off your work by choosing from ELVIAL’s colour palette the shade that matches the look and style of the area you are creating.

The range of shades includes RAL, metallic colours, mat or gloss and ultra durable colours.

ELVIAL’s exceptional aesthetic appeal is guaranteed by the high quality of ELVIAL coating, which is due to the fact that we have invested in coating plants with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, in quality control laboratories and in internal and external scientific partners, so that we can offer an added-value, maintenance-free product which you will be able to enjoy for many years.


Technological advantages of ELVIAL powder coating plants

ELVIAL’s vertical powder coating plant has an annual capacity of 15.000 tons, consists of two painting booths with automatic powder cleaning system, and offers the following advantages:

-7 meters maximum profile length.

-Mechanical pre-treatment by brushing machine with metal brushes to ensure the required smooth and clean profile surface.

-Chrome free pre-treatment in 12 stages, protecting people and the environment.

-Profile pre-treatment: cleaning and treating the profiles with special chemicals to prepare the surface for powder coating.

- Rapid colour changing and high productivity.

-Automatic rotation of the profiles in the painting booth allows uniform coating even in non-visible spots.


ELVIAL’s powder coating plant meets all quality control and procedure requirements, according to the QUALICOAT and SEASIDE CLASS certification standards.

ELVIAL’s Multitronic painting robots guarantee uniform powder application on the profile surface. Aluminium powder coating offers stability and resistance even in the toughest weather conditions, allowing us the delivery of high quality products that the clients will enjoy for many years.

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