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For its thermal insulating  profiles ELVIAL uses only different types of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide that prevent thermal flow and insulate the inner side of frame from the outer side.

The glass fibers that make up 25% percent of the mass of the polyamide constitute its framework and are distributed in all directions (they are not only unidirectional) thus providing maximum resistance to the strong strains to which the frame is subjected.



The mechanisms used have a new surface treatment, in which a new inorganic coating that covers their surface permanently and hermetically is added to the existing coating (silver colour galvanization) thus offering significant extra protection against corrosion (rust).

No organic constituents or heavy metals are used in the new surface treatment making it 100% ecological and long lasting.



For correct air and water tightening of ELVIAL systems, gaskets produced have been designed using ONLY EPDM as a raw material.

EPDM is a special caoutchouk rubber based on ethylene, propylene and non-conjugated diene, resistant under the most extreme external conditions.

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