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Aluminium Alloys

The alminium alloy for the profiles, in accordance with the German standard
(DIN 1725T1) is: AIMgSi 0.5 F 22.

The technical characteristics of the alloy used are as follows:

Proof stress    

Rpd2= 160 Nmm-2

Tensile strength

Rm= 215 Nmm-2

Specific gravity

Y= 2,7 gr.cm3

Young’s modulus

E= 70.000 Nmm-2

Coefficient of thermal expansion

A=2,34*10-6 K-1

ELVIAL can extrude the majority of the 6XXX alloy series in various tempers. The most common alloys used are: EN-AW 6060 (AlMgSi0,5), EN-AW 6063 (AlMg0,7Si), EN AW 6005A (AlSiMg(A)) and EN-AW 6082 (AlSi1MgMn).

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