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EL 6700 Elvial Multilock Systems With Fixed Part (Oct 2010)

EL 6700 Elvial Multilock Systems With Fixed Part (Oct 2010)

EL 6700 Elvial Multilock Systems With Fixed Part (Oct 2010)


We are in the pleasant position to announce you that ELVIAL, trustful to its philosophy of innovation, has created the new EL 6700 with fixed part. It is the version of the EL6700 system where one part of the construction is fixed and the other is movable. This construction has the particularity to offer a very competitive cost. This particular typology was created upon the observation that most people generally use only one side of a sliding construction and more precisely, the one with the bigger space for acceding outside or inside.

The low cost results from the fact that slide or lift & slide fittings needs to be placed only in the movable part of the frame and the total weight of profiles that is required for this construction is lower compared to a double-sash successive frame. Consequently, this construction is giving you the opportunity to become even more competitive.

Moreover, we notify that the EL 6700 lift & slide with fixed opening has been certified for the largest dimensions (3.5m x 2.3m) by the most reputable institute Ift Rosenheim (Germany) with exceptional performance regarding wind pressure resistance, air permeability and particularly water proof resistance up to 300 Pascal, that is equivalent to a 9 Beaufort storm (75-88 km/h wind speed causing damages).

The new system is available. Please find attached the certificate, the sections and the specifications of the new system.

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