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Production of Ecosafe Techonology Heat-insulating Profiles

Production of Ecosafe Techonology Heat-insulating Profiles

Energy-saving requirements and the need to improve conditions in our living and working space call for the use of thermal and sound insulating systems for ELVIAL doors and windows.

ELVIAL has developed and produces from start to finish a vast range of aluminium systems for doors and windows with high-performance thermal and sound insulation, capable of meeting every need for your space, not only as regards thermal and sound insulation and air tightness but also security.

In ELVIAL thermal and sound insulation aluminium systems, insertion of an advanced thermal insulating material (multi-direction glass-fibre reinforced polyamide) between the aluminium profiles, prevents thermal flow and insulates the inner side of the frame from the outer side, preserving the high mechanical properties of the aluminium while at the same time ensuring low thermal transfer coefficient values of the frames.

The production of ELVIAL thermal and sound insulating systems is carried out entirely in ELVIAL’s industrial complex, through the two integrated production lines, with a total annual production capacity of 5,000 tons per annum.

ELVIAL’s production lines for heat insulated profiles cover all stages of processing to ensure top quality and resistance of the final product.

Serration and Assembly of profiles

To ensure stability at the point of assembling the aluminium and polyamide ELVIAL has developed a specially shaped socket in all its profiles while at the same time it has studied the positive effects of serration on the stability of the joint.

The geometry of each serration is such that it makes the serration deep and sharp so that the pressure exerted by the 6 rollers of the special assembly unit on the corresponding shaped socket forces it to penetrate the polyamide.

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