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Pioneering Logistics

Pioneering Logistics

Pioneering Logistics

Profile Packaging – Automated Packaging Centers

At ELVIAL we make sure the profiles arrive safely at their final destination, wherever in the world. For this reason we have invested in the installation and operation of two large automated packaging centers.

ELVIAL’s automated packaging centers have the ability to realize multiple packaging types according to  the profile type and particular production steps it will follow. All master bundles are subsequently palletised and shipped to our partners.

All profiles can bear special protective film, which protects the surface of the profile from potential damage during processing and transportation.


Robotic Warehouse and Model Robotic Management and Distribution Systems  

At ELVIAL we create a new model of product and service quality.

We have developed and implemented a very powerful internal logistics system, which includes:

  • Robotic Management and distribution systems for products
  • Robotic Warehouse
  • Robotic system for automated feeding of production lines
  • Robotic system for customers’ order preparation

Some of the above robotic systems were developed in collaboration with leading automation companies using specialized machinery. ELVIAL’s whole industrial complex represents a model of innovation, technological breakthrough and ergonomy, in the global aluminum extrusion sector.

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