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Thermal Insulating Rolling Shutter Box EL 9000 (Apr 2011)

Thermal Insulating Rolling Shutter Box EL 9000 (Apr 2011)

Thermal Insulating Rolling Shutter Box EL 9000 (Apr 2011)

We are in the pleasant position to announce you that ELVIAL, trustful to its philosophy of innovation, has created a new thermal insulating rolling shutter box EL 9000. ELVIAL is covering the need for improving the thermal insulation of frames with rolling shutters and it has created a very competitive, advanced and of high esthetics rolling shutter box including thermal insulating end caps.

This rolling shutter box is available in linear shape and it is ideal for all architectural applications. The front box profile covers all the visible surface of the box and gives a perfect result due to the fact that no connections are visible between the profiles. Moreover, the box’s compact dimensions (180 X 200 mm) offer a bigger glazing surface to the frame.

The new rolling shutter box offers a particularly competitive cost due to the fact that the construction is very simple and the thermal insulation is achieved without using a second back box profile. Therefore, the time needed for the construction is reduced and high levels of productivity can be achieved. Consequently, this construction is giving you the opportunity to become even more competitive.

Moreover, it is the only system that offers 3 possibilities of rolling shutter movement: tape pulley, crank and of course electric motor.

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