ELVIAL emphasizing more to the paramount importance of sustainable practices in the aluminium systems industry, announces the certification of the full range of its architectural thermal insulated  systems with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

In this way, it once again demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and the creation of environmentally friendly aluminium products and architectural systems, accurately monitoring their life cycle at every stage, and parallelly providing all the information about the environmental footprint of its products. Through this innovation, ELVIAL aims to strengthen its presence and venture into new pathways, concerning its involvement in more high-standard projects, which greatly contribute to sustainable development and a low carbon footprint. Through this initiative, ELVIAL is the ultimate choice for projects with an emphasis on sustainability, harmonizing with the environment, and aiming for LEED Platinum certification, one of the leading international sustainability certifications, which focuses on green building and framing ideal conditions for people and the environment, inside the buildings.

In particular, the ELVIAL architectural systems that now have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are the families of the ICONIC, ESSENCE, and ELVIAL architectural systems and cover even the highest requirements for opening, sliding systems, and folding doors, as well as solutions for doors and facades.

ELVIAL continues to invest in the creation of technologically innovative architectural systems of top quality and high aesthetics, primarily based on its sustainability strategy and ESG criteria. Actions for people and the environment will always be a main part of its activity, with responsibility and respect towards the changing landscape of its industry.