ELVIAL, has planned a new investment plan €16 million. These strategic steps aim to significantly boost its export activities and evolve both domestically and internationally.


Having completed an investment plan €28 million in high-priority projects, including the addition of a fourth extrusion unit and the creation of the high-tech Experience Centre in Attica, the company has already initiated a new series of investments from the end of 2023, set to last three years. These focus primarily on its digital transformation and the creation of new Experience Centres in Thessaloniki and Belgrade, tailored to the specialized needs of its audience in these regions. Regarding digital transformation, the upgrade aims to enhance its outward orientation, improve collaboration with all stakeholders, and invest in facilities closer to the concept of a smart factory.

As for the Experience Centres, ELVIAL intends to demonstrate in practice its innovative mindset by creating state-of-the-art technology spaces. This approach is also evidenced by its consistent investment in technological equipment, in total €118 million from 2005 to the present, in the majority of the stages of production and distribution. The recent investments in the former FIX and Almaco projects continue, serving the company's broader interest in upgrading Thessaloniki.

north america elvial

New year has begun with decisive actions aiming at further boosting its international presence and its domestic position, as the Greek market trends have been on a significant upward trajectory in recent years. Specifically, in addition to participating in major projects in Greece, the company has also focused on the American market, due to its economy, the broad scope of applications in the construction sector, and the unique, cutting-edge projects being implemented there.

The initial steps towards this expansion are expected to be completed within the year, as the necessary certification processes are already underway. The goal of this decision is for the North American market to account for approximately 10% of the company's total turnover within three years, by developing a robust network of European partners and manufacturers participating in "New World" projects.

Finally, ELVIAL's growth trends are also reflected in its workforce, which currently consists of about 500 people, representing its commitment to choosing individuals who support the company's goals and vision for the future.