The company participated as a distinguished sponsor of the convention as well as with speeches by its executives during its proceedings.

Specifically, the President of ELVIAL, Ms. Tania Tzika, emphasized in her opening speech, among other things, that the Greek aluminium industry must take advantage of the positive momentum of the construction sector but not neglect to shield itself financially.

Initially, Ms. Tzika pointed out that today, Greece is a shining example of Europe, for its development path, the financing level it has recovered and the investments that are launched in the construction sector. "In front of us, then," she continued, "we have another three to five years during which this trend seems likely to continue. So, everyone in the aluminium industry needs to take advantage of the positive moment but, at the same time, reflect on the responsibility we bear. We must contribute to the creation of buildings and infrastructures that will last over time and show respect for people and the environment. Let's not forget the recent past. The economy goes in cycles and the current situation will not last forever."

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Also, Ms. Sofia Antoniadou, Marketing Manager of ELVIAL, spoke about digital marketing and whether it is a Luxury or a Necessity for the aluminium manufacturer.
Finally, Ms. Anna Psefteli, Head of ELVIAL TRAINING CENTER, in a round table discussion aimed at informing manufacturers about training in the industry, underlined the importance of good and ongoing training in the industry and referred to the innovations of ELVIAL's training program.

At the conference, there was a company stand where ELVIAL executives, who attended the industry event, had the opportunity to communicate with the entire construction world, aluminium craftsmen, and suppliers.

Its interesting subjects and the large attendance of the industry professionals helped in creating a highly successful and creative conference, which main purpose was to provide answers to critical issues as well as to inform about developments in the aluminium industry.

Warm congratulations to PAAI, the organizers and all the participants who highlighted the conference with their presence and active participation.