Students of the Mechanical Engineering Department of TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY had the opportunity to visit ELVIAL as part of the company's ESG program for education #weAreHere for education. This initiative aims to strengthen collaboration between academia and industry, offering students a real insight into the professional environment and modern technologies.

During their arrival, the students were warmly welcomed by Mr. Yiannis Mertzios, Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Export Manager Industrial Division, and senior executives of the company, who showed them around the facilities. The tour, conducted by Mr. Stefanos Sfikas, Graduate Electrical engineer,  Production Manager, included visits to the research and development departments, production areas, and other important departments of the company. The students had the opportunity to see up close the advanced mechanical equipment and the application of innovative techniques that contribute to the optimization of production and the maintenance of product quality.

One of the most important moments of the visit was the presentation made by Mr. Mertzios. Students were informed about new technologies and future trends in the field of aluminium engineering, as well as the application of their theoretical knowledge to real problems. In addition, innovative projects were presented, providing inspiration and new ideas to the students.


ELVIAL emphasizes on the development of young scientists and on the connection of academic knowledge with practical application. Through the company's ESG program for education #weAreHere for education, students are given the opportunity to develop their skills and better understand the demands of the modern professional environment.

The visit ended with a discussion between the students and company executives, in which the importance of continuing education and professional development was emphasized. Students asked questions and exchanged opinions, gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

Participating in such initiatives is invaluable for students as it enables them to connect theory with practice and enhance their professional skills. ELVIAL demonstrates in practice its commitment to empowering youth and promoting innovation and technological development in society.