The 3rd Seminar in Mytilene was completed with absolute success!


Motivated by the positive energy of the second educational seminar, the 3rd seminar of the ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE was realized in collaboration with P.O.V.A.S.. Aiming to educate aluminum manufacturers throughout Greece, this time the ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE team traveled to Mytilene, with a comprehensive 50-hour seminar spanning over 6 days, incorporating both theoretical and practical extensions.

Training 3

During the first part of the training, participants from Mytilene attended the theoretical portion of the program, which included, among other things, the latest developments in aluminum architectural systems, training on best practices according to contemporary construction needs and requirements, and more.

With the same enthusiasm, the second and final part of the ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE's education took place in the company's industrial facilities. Participants completed their theoretical training and, more importantly, were able to apply their knowledge in practice in the specially designed center space. Specifically, construction and installation scenarios of aluminum systems were carried out, and trainees, guided by the specialized technical department of ELVIAL, fully grasped
all the construction and technical aspects of the systems.

elvial training centre 3

Thus, the 3rd Seminar of the ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE was successfully completed between April 19th and 27th.
ELVIAL thanked each participant individually for their enthusiasm and positive energy and hopes that the knowledge and skills acquired will be an asset for the development of professionals' skills in an ever-changing and competitive environment.

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