The 1st training seminar of ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE is a fact. On Sunday, October 1, the first course of the program " Aluminium Architectural Systems Manufacturing and Installation Technicians " was completed successfully at the all new facilities of TRAINING CENTRE in the industrial area of ELVIAL in Kilkis.

Training Centre1
The training seminar is designed to support new aluminium system manufacturers to build a comprehensive knowledge base and at the same time provide training for professionals already working in the industry to obtain even more in-depth knowledge and experience on all stages of the aluminium production process and new technologies.

The seminar was carried out in two segments and fully covered the requirements of any aluminium fabricator. With the collaboration of the P.O.V.A.S., Dr. Stelios Lambrakopoulos and the experienced ELVIAL speakers, the theoretical training of the seminar was completed between 14-17 September. The theoretical course focused on the integrated knowledge of aluminium systems, their application and installation, coating technologies and the use of specialized software as well as key administrative functions of aluminium companies such as marketing, sale techniques and human resources management. Subsequently, from 30 September to 1 October, the seminar was handed over to ELVIAL's technical department, where in the specially designed area of the TRAINING CENTRE the practical training of the seminar modelled real scenarios for the construction and installation of aluminium systems, helping the participants to assemble and fully understand all the fabrication and technical aspects of the systems.

The 1st course concluded with the awarding of the certificates of attendance, which enable, those who wish, to take part in the official certification process by independent bodies.

Mrs. Tania Tzika, President of ELVIAL commented : "We are very pleased that the first course has successfully completed. We thank you and congratulate you. You were a team with outstanding participation. We are glad you are here and hope that any future participants will have the same determination and will to learn as you".


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The completion of the seminar, the knowledge we gave and the knowledge we received back and the positive atmosphere which we felt has made us very happy and gives us the necessary energy to take even more steps in the future. We thank the P.O.V.A.S. for its support and all the participants who trusted us. 

Next stop of ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE is Attica. We will be waiting you there!

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