ELVIAL had the pleasure of welcoming 35 students from the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of primary school, with 5 instructors, who are participating in the youth entrepreneurship program “Young Business Creators” of the ACT Entrepreneurship Hub.  This visit took place as part of ELVIAL's ESG program "WE ARE HERE FOR EDUCATION," which aims to support education and cultivate entrepreneurship in new generations. The students had the opportunity to learn about the production process and be inspired by the world of entrepreneurship.

At ELVIAL's Facilities

This innovative educational program nurtures children's creativity through entrepreneurship and develops their ability to approach problems in various ways. The children invent innovative ideas through a guided process, while familiarizing themselves with the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and business thinking.

The visit began with a presentation of the company by ELVIAL's President, Mrs. Tania Tzika, who shared the company's vision and values, inspiring the young students who asked many interesting questions.
Following this, Mr. Giannis Mertzios, Mechanical Engineer and Export Manager of the Industrial Division, presented the company's technological innovations and international activities. The most exciting part of the visit followed, the tour of the ELVIAL factory, conducted by Mr. Stefanos Sfikas, Electrical Engineer and Production Manager, Mr. Panagiotis Plakotaris, Electrical Engineer and Quality Assurance Manager, and Mrs. Anna Kaoulla, Chemical Engineer, Quality, Certifications and Sustainability Manager.

business creators

The students impressed all by their knowledge and the interest they showed in learning about the production processes, the production stages, and the quality and sustainability practices applied by ELVIAL.
Through the ESG program "WE ARE HERE FOR EDUCATION", ELVIAL demonstrates its commitment to education and the development of youth. By this way, the company contributes to shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals, offering them valuable experiences and knowledge.