ELVIAL, certified for the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

In ELVIAL, environmental consciousness is intertwined with our business culture. We are motivated to constantly upgrade and optimize our procedures toward a friendlier future both for the environment and the people living within it. Staying focused on our vision, we published the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

epd elvial

What is EPD? 

EPD is a document that through established international standards, certifies, enumerates, and counts data in the entirety of the production. 
Specifically, provides measurable data which can then be used to efficiently update and keep track of every procedure and thus help maintain a lower environmental footprint and carbon emissions. According to that, the manufacturer certifies that a completely measurable “end-to-end” production procedure takes place.

EPD is further strengthened through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). LCA notes and optimizes the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to the product end of life. Some of the advantages of LCA are:

    | Reduced environmental footprint
    | Reduced production costs throughout the manufacturing process
    | Positive BREEAM and LEED accreditation 
    | Measurable carbon emissions data
    | Clarity in environmental consequences when it comes to building processes 
    | Identifying chances for improving the environmental performance 


The newest developments in environmental issues suggest an increase in sustainability and sustainable building construction. One of the most important factors for these buildings is thermal insulation and decreased energy loss. With aluminium systems being one of the most important factors in building insulation and energy saving, ELVIAL’s products have proven that they offer quality solutions while the production procedure keeps a notably low environmental footprint.  

In ELVIAL, our long-term goal is a cleaner environment, and having the EPD certification is just another step in this direction.