Did you know that during summer months, sunlight can create as much heat per square meter as a small radiator? Did you know that with shading you can block up to 90% of this heat? Now you do, and that's why the ESSENCE SD55 sliding shading system is the right choice.  

The light we desire in the winter to improve heating performance, we try to avoid in the summer to improve cooling performance. ELVIAL's ESSENCE SD55 system with the choice of vertical or horizontal shading allows you - depending on the orientation of the surface to be shaded - to reduce the temperature inside, create a more comfortable climate and save energy and air conditioning costs.    


Additional benefits of the system are its distinctive aesthetics. ESSENCE SD55 is a stunningly beautiful shading system, whose minimal and unadorned lines will enhance the appearance of your building, with a single 15mm profile face. This aesthetic is further enhanced by the quality of the system's construction. Featuring a stainless-steel hidden rolling mechanism with a maximum sash weight of 120 kg and different locking options, the ESSENCE SD55 is a durable system of exceptional functionality. By choosing the option of electrically operated construction with remote control, you will enjoy even greater comfort and convenience.   

With the ESSENCE SD55 shading system from ELVIAL you will love the light even in the summer months.


You can download the brochure by clicking here.