A new direction toward liveliness, dynamics, and character is progressively winning over homeowners and architects. The all-new ELVIAL CLADDING Solutions offers limitless applications that add inspiration, beauty, and value to the modern minimal architecture approach.
Design combinations and exquisite finishings promote dynamic and impressive building facades equally for new or renovated structures. 
ELVIAL CLADDING Solutions can be installed quickly and effortlessly. The seamless appearance has no visible connection and support points, needs no maintenance and can easily be cleaned. 


Three different design elements and the endless combinations between them allow for a unique look on surfaces with doors, windows, or entire facades. Even interiors can retain unexpected dynamics thanks to the play with the light and volume of the CLADDING Solutions. 
Do you want to leave an impression? Surprise? Make a statement that can’t be overlooked? More reasons to choose the look of CLADDING Solutions.

The unique symmetrically vertical block-shaped striation, creates an elegant and distinctive surface of 25mm depth, providing unique designs. 
The vertical profiles of 35mm create a steeper texture allowing a play between light and shadows. This result is a more dashing and extrovert final imprint.  
The use of clear lines convey elegance. The exquisite look with 35mm depth is ideal for architectural projects that promote contemporary aesthetics.|

Create your very own distinct combination of cladding profiles. Combine a sequence of different designs to promote your unique style and outstanding look.
Combine harmoniously aesthetics and functionality.

You are the source of inspiration, ELVIAL provides the solutions.