The 8th Convention of the Panhellenic Αssociation of Αluminium and Iron sponsored by ELVIAL, has concluded its proceeds. Conversations and presentations during the three days revolved around common problems within the industry due to the international developments. 

Ms. Tania Tzika, president of ELVIAL, chose a different approach. Her speech was all about solutions. Ms. Tzika talked about the opportunities presented by the new economic development legislation for the aluminium industry and the possibilities opening for regional companies.  New facilitations and funds give the companies new perspectives as far as organizing their processes and responding to the challenges of our times. 


Ms. Tzika referred to ELVIAL as an exemplary case” ΕLVIAL was started 30 years ago as a small company of 5. By taking advantage such development programmes it funded the pursuit of its strategy goals. A state funded development programme will be put to good use only if it is compatible with your goal setting. ELVIAL has invested 100 million€ during the past 15 years even during the crisis  … having chosen tο shield its financial position and work with its sight to international markets. In 2013 our personnel count was 130 people. In less than 10 years we are in a position to employ 450 people and have a 116 million € turnover.”


ELVIAL plans to make the most of the new development programmes and legislation in the course of the next five years, in order to pursue new and standing strategic goals: digital transition, green technologies appliance and empowerment of its human resources in order to improve the ELVIAL experience for its clients and associates.