10 years OPEN HOUSE – ELVIAL proud sponsor of OPEN HOUSE THESSALONIKI 2022
OPEN HOUSE THESSALONIKI is the event that brings citizens and visitors of the city closer to the creators it’s an architectural style and the very history of the city itself. The idea was born back in London in 1992 and to this day has spread to a number of cities around the globe. OPEN HOUSE invites everyone who is interested to discover and understand better the value of architecture. Each year, for two days, the city is transformed into an open museum with the buildings and their architecture itself serving as the exhibits on display. The annual event already counts 10 years in Thessaloniki, bringing more than 50.000 visitors the previous year. 

open house 1

ELVIAL always prominent in supporting innovative ideas especially when it is about architecture, was the exclusive sponsor of the OPEN PHOTO and OPEN OFFICE events, celebrating the 10th anniversary of OPEN HOUSE.

OPEN PHOTO took place between 26/11 and 4/12 and invited everybody to participate in the contest held by OPEN HOUSE. Participants got to post their unique photographs deriving from the event “View of the city”. Turnout was impressive with a large number of beautiful submissions and photographs of architectural interest from all over Thessaloniki. The event concluded with the awarding of the best photos of the contest. We at ELVIAL take pride in being able to sponsor and support such a creative endeavor.


OPEN OFFICE, another parallel event let people learn more about what inspires some of the most distinguished architects in Thessaloniki. Architects who transformed inspiration into structures and whose work is a testimony of design around the city. This year renowned architects Nikiforids/Cuomo from NOMEN architects and FORMelated architects, presented and spoke of their projects.

architects office

Their interviews are available for viewing on the OPEN OFFICE youtube channel and can be found here.

OPEN HOUSE THESSALONIKI is a true celebration of the city and architectural creativity.