ELVIAL, is a big supporter of the event

OPEN HOUSE Athens, the largest architectural event that has become reference point to the architectural community, is celebrating 10 years of presence in the city of Athens this year. ELVIAL, a big supporter of the event and of architecture, supports OHA again this year as a GRAND SPONSOR, inviting everyone to explore and understand the unique value of architecture and the building environment to our lives!

With 70 public and private buildings of architectural interest as well as multitude events, special interest tours, tours and competitions, OPEN HOUSE ATHENS returns on Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 April, turning the city into an open museum.  Thousands of people visit and participate in the actions of OHA as it is a unique opportunity to interact with the city and learn more about its architectural heritage.

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In addition, the theme of this year's event will highlight 2 key issues that perfectly touch the values that ELVIAL supports, which are accessibility and inclusion.
Equal accessibility and inclusion are key elements of ELVIAL's social responsibility, as both are aspects of the design that affect people's lives.  Accessibility ensures that buildings and spaces are accessible to everyone, regardless of any limitations or disabilities. Whereas inclusion promotes respect for diversity and the needs of the community, in which all people have the same opportunities and rights.
Thus, ELVIAL once again proves that it firmly supports actions that bring architecture to the center of human existence and strengthen its position in the consciousness of citizens.