SEV close to businesses. In a move aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship, particularly in the Greek region, SEV visited and had guided tours of businesses based in Central Macedonia.  ELVIAL had the pleasure of welcoming SEV members on Wednesday 10 May.


ELVIAL's basic philosophy is continuous development and investment in technology, know-how, facilities and human resources, and SEV remains an important supporter in this effort. The visit to our industrial site in Kilkis was a unique opportunity to talk to the members of SEV, to listen to their suggestions and to present our views on the aluminium industry today. The main and key topic of the meeting was the challenges faced by companies and especially the industries in northern Greece, but also the opportunities that are presented in this context. In addition, great emphasis was placed on development and the ways in which SEV and businesses can contribute to the effort to improve the local economy and society. 

The main and substantial part of the visit consisted of a tour of ELVIAL's facilities. During the tour through the company's entire production line, we were able to present the aluminium extrusion process in its entirety, from the storage of the raw material to the completion of the final product. The tour, was an excellent opportunity for the SEV representatives to talk to our partners at each workstation and learn in detail about the required processes   


The development of the region and the information and empowerment of businesses in it are now an important goal for everyone. ELVIAL thanks SEV for this initiative and commits itself to continue in this direction.