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We were there in XENIA once again, an expo which has proven why it remains the largest commercial meeting in the tourist field. An exhibition trademark for the Greek tourist construction, XENIA 2022 was held between 26th and 28th of November in Metropolitan Expo in Athens. We reserved our distinguished place there again this year, presenting new technologies that promote aesthetics and environmental practices, specifically catered for the tourist industry. 


For our fifth participation in XENIA, we presented sliding and opening systems, facades, shading solutions and more. Products that promote new technology, aesthetics, and unsurpassable quality. Some of the products that the participants had the opportunity to check were the new folding door ESSENCE FD77 and the electric sliding shading ESSENCE SD55. 

foldingdoor elvial

Additionally, the already established windows ICONIC W77ST, W60 SI 2_BS and sliding systems ESSENCE SL60 HI 2, S33_MD, completely attuned to the architectural concepts and requirements of today, proved why they hold a special place among major architects and building constructors. 

ESSENCE SL60 HI² elvial

For the first time this year, XENIA brought us the Architects Lab. Architects Lab is a passionate project, dedicated exclusively to innovative architectural materials and solutions and it became a meeting place for constructors and hotel businesses. Our stand was also present in this parallel activity, punctual in the innovation culture the company retains. 

Since XENIA is among the most successful exhibitions in a field that remains dynamic for the Greek economy and that contributed to establishing a successful communication channel through creative individuals, executives, and owners of the tourist industry, something that formed a positive experience for all the participants.