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W77 AI2

Advanced Insulation Energy System of depth 77mm is our state of the art solution for constructions of any scale and scope. It is designed for excellence and fitted with our most advanced technologies for performance and security. Is it a monumental, majestic building? Is it an extravagant and intricate creation? Here is where you'll find the ideal profile. We did our best. Now it's your turn.
This system is so carefully crafted that experts identify its qualities and non - experts simply enjoy the benefits. We have envisioned this solution to be the pinnacle of our collections. Industrial looks and transparent glass screens are upended by our flat design elements and minimal inner face widths. A solution that blurs the boundaries between interiors and external environments with the former juxtaposing the latter.

Attention to details


The Blind Sash edition offers a seen surface of only 66mm from the outside.

Sleek Profile View

The conjunction of sashes never looked sleeker. The integrated adjoining profile minimizes the central vertical profile view to just 78mm.


Open passage thanks to just 20mm height frame. Ideal for PWD and children.


Ultimate same level appearance on the inner side of the window, thanks to the application of a specially designed frame. Ideally featured to the application of a hidden tilt and turn mechanism.


Specially designed T - profiles with inner reinforcement upping of just 10mm, ideal for sturdy constructions with wide openings, consistent with modern architectural trends.


This exclusively developed and uniquely designed collection of profiles allows you to create window walls with an exemplary industrial look and feel.


The CE edition allows for 180º opening, even in hidden hinge mechanism.
Different conditions in environment and climate demand tailored solutions. There are four energy level variables to this product so you can devise the best answer to any demand.
Level 1 Level 1
Uf ≥ 1.8 W/m²K
Level 2 Level 2
Uf ≥ 1.1 W/m²K
Level 3 Level 3
Uf ≥ 0.93 W/m²K
Level 3 Level 3
Uf ≥ 0.88 W/m²K

It's a feeling. It's precious. What should be kept outside -noise, water, wind- is kept outside. What's inside is safe and sound. This is where we set our boundaries and keep them intact. The performance of ICONIC W77.AI2 on all factors affecting interior environment is outstanding and certified by Ift Institute Rosenheim in Germany. You may consult the performance index for each edition's specific performance.

Go For a Total Look

Unlimited creativity meets maximum performance. With a basic depth of 77mm, outstanding thermal insulation and certified security levels this door is supremely complimented by ICONIC W77 AI2 windows and combines impeccable taste and exceptional quality.
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