W89 PI2

Passive Ηouse is an energy efficient concept of construction that allows the building to function in complete harmony with the natural environment. Our Passive House certified solutions are aesthetically pleasing and achieve a Uf ≥ 0.79 W/m²K, guaranteeing absolute thermal comfort. This is the pinnacle of ΕLVIAL’s expertise in insulation and distinction in design.
ELVIAL is an insulation expert. The W89 PHΙ² collection is the fruit of the research and testing that produced our breakthrough Ι² insulation technology, and our obsessive attention to design. These architectural profiles adhere to the most demanding of building prerequisites and cover those of the Passive House.
Uf ≥ 1.7 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 1.7 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 0.83 W/m²K Uf ≥ 0.83 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 0.83 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 0.77 W/m²K Uf ≥ 0.77 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 0.77 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 0.72 W/m²K Uf ≥ 0.72 W/m²K
Uf ≥ 0.72 W/m²K
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