It started with a concept. That the end product acts as the ideal liaison between your design and its context -the project as a whole, the natural and cultural surroundings, your clients' satisfaction. What is an ideal liaison then? One that is fully effective and dully discreet. Then it became an exercise in implementation. Could the technologies and contrivances that ensure the system's efficiency be accommodated in a diminutive frame? They were. And thus MINIMAL Look was created.

In MINIMAL Look system, we have challenged all that was commonly known in typical sliding systems. The goal was: to obtain a minimal design, with excellent everyday function, even at large dimensions, offering a pleasing experience and comfort for ALL home owners or building investors. Pure lines, a discreet but powerful outline around the window of only 35mm and an Avant-Garde Technology, are all combined in the MINIMAL Look system. Free your imagination and transform a typical sliding system into a unique experience.



Your vision is powerful. You want nothing to hinder it. There's a fine line between what you see when you look inside and when you turn your eyes outside. That fine line is our MINIMAL Look solution, fitted with all our high end technologies. That fine line is more than enough. It produces perfect, lustrous glass screens and minimally framed 360o views.


The ultimate rendition of elegance is invisibility... staying in somebody's memory without catching their eye. This motto inspired the MINIMAL Look S52. Our relentless attention to detail turned the inspiration into reality. The bottom frame is practically hidden in the floor, creating a surface as smooth as the glass it hems at the exterior. At the same time the system blends harmoniously with the interior. This is invisibility; according to ELVIAL.


The smooth glass surface with minimal frame lets light flood the interiors. At the same time it works as a canvas on which all kinds of different creative approaches and picturesque scenes come to life. The MINIMAL Look S52 can be ideally combined with a movable shading system. This ensures maximum sun protection for your space and creates an extra layer of imaging both for the interior concept and the exterior or landscape to be designed. Functional perfection meets aesthetic excellence. You and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Powerful support meets stellar appearance with the perimetrical frame and middle mullion measuring merely 35mm. This perfectly symmetrical solution will be harmoniously coordinated with your design.


MINIMAL Look comes with reinforcement columns of just 10mm. This makes the middle mullion's section particularly discreet and classy. Its fine and streamlined appearance allows you create beautiful exteriors that do justice to any architectural style -pure or eclectic- you may choose for your construction.


We turned the functional element into an integral part of the design concept. The compact aluminium handle is skillfully infixed on the aluminium profile. No piece or part protrudes. Its even, sleek look outlines the interior view outside, creating a picture perfect frame.


The outer aluminium handle is also conceptualized by being visually integrated in the profile. It becomes the entry to the experience of space that you designed and you will enjoy for a life time.


Creating a solution that outlasts time, weather and natural elements takes a lot of work, attention to the most minuscule of details and persistence. That's an investment we take up gladly. The results justify our choice.

It's a feeling. It's precious. What should be kept outside -noise, water, wind- is kept outside. What's inside is safe and sound. This is where we set our boundaries and keep them intact.


A space framed by MINIMAL Look is a space protected. Our exclusively developed Multi-point Locking system and a customized Anti-Lift accessory, that prevents unwanted visitors from moving the sash, ensure exceptional security.
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