Furniture and bicycles, smartphones and super cars, buildings and design food packaging solutions. Aluminium is a user friendly and thus highly usable material. It’ s widespread application has an impact on the environment.

At ELVIAL we assume all necessary action to reduce the impact of our processing and production. We also keep refining our processes to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. And we do so gladly. Protecting the environment is a priority.

Aluminium itself is multifaceted and versatile. So the environmentally responsible handling of its production and processing has many challenging touchpoints: consumption of natural resources and of raw & auxiliary materials, air emissions and solid and liquid waste, noise pollution and waste disposal.

To rise to this challenge we at ELVIAL have incorporated environmentally responsible practices throughout our value chain. This renders our processes efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. Furthermore we are continuously upgrading and advancing them so as to improve our performance in all aspects, continuously training our staff on environmental protection and choosing suppliers who are equally committed to the responsible handling of resources.

We protect the environment not only in a proactive way, but also by recognizing and using sustainable opportunities.

We recycle 100% of the aluminium scrap of all our production stages and we take measures of its efficient re-casting, compressing aluminium chips in briquettes form. The recycling process consumes only 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium. It creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium.


We recycle packaging materials, light colored powders, copper, steel and all solid waste produced from other main or supporting functions of the company. We invest in new equipment and we upgrade our existing in order to increase the efficiency of the resources used. New extrusion presses, inverter systems, robotic warehouses, equipment with recovery and recycling streams minimize the use of energy and materials.

We seek to increase the percentage of secondary aluminium and powder that derives from recycling in our final aluminium product and obtain all relevant certificates for sustainable environmental practices, carbon footprint, C2C etc.


We consume the least possible caustic soda during extrusion die cleaning and have invested in an efficient system for recovery. Our caustic soda recovery process is conducted with a closed circuit, without the production of polluting substances that must be disposed of. This is another important contribution to environmental safety.


We have been processing and producing aluminium long enough to see the preoccupation with environment and sustainability to evolve from a scientific work hypothesis, to an activist movement and then to a goal of governments all over the world stipulated by law.

Aluminium is on the vanguard of sustainable product development. It is an environmentally friendly solution and 100% recyclable. Still there’s an even more sustainable solution, the low-carbon aluminium.  Low carbon aluminium is sustainably produced. This means that the carbon footprint of the material itself is far below the global average. Using it for your products will help you carve and implement a solid sustainability strategy and be compliant with both your goals and the international policies that will be part of the UNFCCC.

At ELVIAL we constantly measure the results of our effort to remain environmentally responsible. Contact us for more information or orders.

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