The management and distribution of products, the four warehouse facilities,
the order fulfillment,

everything is robotic from A-Z.


Juggling clients and orders is the least conspicuous part of our production process. It is essential though for the customer experience we seek to provide you with. We have been expanding and updating our automated warehouse and material flow solutions for some time. All functions along the production line are robotic. The management and distribution of products, the four warehouse facilities, the order fulfillment, everything is robotic from A-Z. We have been continuously investing in fully automated storage facilities both for semi-finished products and ready to ship goods.

Our storage facilities run on fully automated storage systems. The inventory management for semi-finished products is exemplary and ready to ship bundles. Do you want to improve the performance of your supply chain? We are here to offer more than help. ELVIAL provides stock keeping options, so that you optimize your storage area and reduce your inventory costs. And it comes with extra benefits: precision, flexibility and speed in delivering your order. In one word: efficiency.

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An impressive body of metal is much more delicate than it seems. It needs to be handled with care. To that end it should be invested with an equally remarkable attire and delivered with the utmost care. Maintaining the highest standards of quality from concept to final delivery is a goal to which we are fully committed. We invest time and know-how to create your dies and extrude your aluminium profiles. We invest no less attention and diligence to the packaging of your profile. It is a matter of safety, of security and quality.


Your packaging options are always researched to fit the requirements specified by your aluminium profile. We are able to tailor packaging to include your branding, to create special bundles or units and work with different packaging materials or revise existing materials and packaging procedures. At ELVIAL you will be presented with many and diverse options of packaging -either standard or custom, that will ideally protect your aluminium profiles and ensure they are delivered in pristine condition. All our proposals are accompanied by packaging drawings so you know what to expect when the delivery arrives.

Profile stacking and de-stacking, basket movement, crane systems, packing and bundling equipment are fully automated at the ELVIAL facilities. Damages are eliminated and profiles are delivered to you in pristine condition. That’s when we consider the order to be complete.

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