The limits are constantly expanding and you need a lift and slide aluminium system that allows you to create on the edge... Talk about the new Essence SL60 HI² FLAT, which bears the hallmark of manufacturing integration, with a design-driven approach and a flat track of just 25mm on the outside and 29mm on the inside. 

SL60 HI2_FLAT_Image Text

The configuration of the Essence SL60 HI² FLAT allows easy access from the inside to the outside of the room and vice versa. The same level appearance in meeting stile construction with 8mm perimetrical same level appearance on both sides and the exclusion of any obvious gasket around the perimeter of the glazing, creates a beautiful canvas that frames the interior and exterior while the 48mm mullion width with the use of narrow interlocking profile adds a remarkable aesthetic appeal.    

The lines of the Essence SL60 HI² FLAT are sleek and minimal. The tracks can be fitted into the ground or even perimetrically, offering a seamless aesthetic effect that covers every possible typology, even open 90° angles, and can be used in openings up to 21 m2 for a double sash construction with double track.  


The Essence SL60 HI² FLAT system can be fitted with up to 46mm glass thickness, with a 2.5mm wedge gasket and ensures that all modern requirements in terms of sound reduction and energy saving are met with remarkable performance. 
In addition, a co-extruded gasket is applied to the lower part of the sashes, which seals the track ensuring its waterproofing. Your system is a reliable solution that will withstand long term use and weather changes by overcoming the test of time! 

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