30,000 visitors who attended the XENIA exhibition confirmed that it is one of the most important exhibitions for the hotel industry and the ultimate meeting point for the tourism industry of our country.

ELVIAL presented new modern solutions, technological developments and products that stood out with the aim of always meeting every requirement in design, technology, safety and high thermal insulation.

In a specially designed stand, ELVIAL presented the new family of ICONIC architectural systems, which with its unique design and even higher performance in thermal insulation give the solution to every new or existing project.

The new ICONIC family of architectural systems, with its unique design and even higher performance, impressed all the visitors! More specifically, the opening system ELVIAL W77 AI2 with flat rail and blind sash and the opening system ICONIC W77ST AI2 with a co-planed appearance from the inside, a minimal look in the middle of the second sash and the ability to apply astragal bars stood out and received the best comments. The sliding system MINIMAL Look with a perimeter frame view of only 35 mm, in its new version for even greater minimal appearance presented in the striking 4m dimension and was a pole of attraction for hundreds of visitors during the show.

In addition, the door of XCLUSIVE 88 Series were a benchmark and impressed with its aesthetics, imposing dimension and unique technological details such as the touch code pad with the doors to open only by entering the code.

Finally, for another year, the hotel edition door was presented as ideal solution for hotel rooms.

The ELVIAL team as well as the Projects team were there to guide and inform about every detail of its systems as well as for ELVIAL Pre-Anodizing Technology which is the 1st in Greece and 7th in the world installation of powder coating where the profiles are serially painted, eliminating waiting time, whilst the pores on the aluminium surface of the profile are completely sealed.