HyperProduct ESSENCE


The W67ST HI2 completes a collection created to provide a reliable and versatile solution to building and renovating. This edition bears an extra feature, the astragal bars. It expands the aesthetic possibilities while it performs beautifully on durability, soundproofing, security and weather tightness.
The bar feature was invented in the 17th century. In the 21st century it is still one of the most effective and inconspicuous ways to create eclectic mixes and matches of styles. Do you want to add industrial edge to an airy minimal space? Do you want to upend austere industrial lines with a retro touch? This is your go to solution.

Attention to details


God is in the details, they say. Change one detail and see a new creation. That is what we did and created a different perspective. Now the inner contour of the window is no longer plain-looking. The effect is iconic. Ready to become a part of a new creation.


Specially designed T - profiles with inner reinforcement upping of just 10mm, ideal for sturdy constructions with wide openings, consistent with modern architectural trends.


This exclusively developed and uniquely designed collection of profiles allows you to create window walls with an exemplary industrial look and feel.
Different conditions in environment and climate demand tailored solutions. There are THREE energy level variables to this product so you can devise the best answer to any demand.
Level 1 Level 1
Uf ≥ 2.26 W/m²K
Level 2 Level 2
Uf ≥ 1.88 W/m²K
Level 3 Level 3
Uf ≥ 1.77 W/m²K
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