Behind the scenes of our corporate footage

Daybreak found the camera and crew ready for the shooting of all video and photography necessary. With the help of a very accomplished creative team we created material of the ELVIAL facilities and production. For us at ELVIAL it is a way to give you an ‘insider’s view’ of our ultra-modern production facility and a short but comprehensive image of what goes on in the plant. In our time of curfews and travel restrictions, this shooting is a clear and positive way to introduce ourselves, show you part of our work and processes.

Shooting was a challenge. Industrial environments present little variation or picturesque details. They present an aesthetic value though. The eye and expertise of a talented team recreates the experience of our production facility in the best possible way. The process of shooting was exhausting but utterly diverting for everyone involved. The team responsible for the production of the footage is among the most acclaimed in the Greek media landscape, having gathered awards for photography publications and videography for various projects.

So have a sneak preview of how our footage was created and stay tuned for the full experience in the Industrial section of our website. We hope you find it informative and entertaining.