The systematic and concerted effort to reduce the environmental footprint and industrial waste is no longer just environmental awareness but an absolute necessity. At ELVIAL we are optimizing our processes to reduce CO2 emissions. And we do it wholeheartedly. Because environmental protection is a matter of priority for us.


In line with this objective and without any contractual obligation to any law or environmental condition, we have invested and followed a holistic approach to reduce our environmental footprint based on the 4R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. We invested in an efficient recovery system and implemented streamlined raw material and waste management practices, succeeding in spending the minimum amount of caustic soda to clean the dies and minimizing the waste generated by our production process. The overall die cleaning process in this way allows up to 87% caustic soda recovery and corresponding reduction of soda waste.


The operating principle of the recovery system is based on the separation of the caustic soda and aluminium hydroxide produced during the cleaning of the dies and the recovery of caustic soda. The plant is equipped with a system for the separation (centrifugation) of the resulting waste, while for the gaseous pollutants produced by the evaporation of the caustic soda solution, the facility has a special installation for collecting and filtering the gaseous waste (scrubber) so that they are released into the environment completely free of odours and gaseous chemical compounds or particles harmful to the environment.

At the same time, special drainage wells collect the caustic soda in case of system overflow, ensuring that no amount of caustic soda will be absorbed from the floor of the plant and through it from the ground. The amount of caustic soda that can be collected is used for neutralization in the electrostatic coating water waste treatment plant, thus contributing to a better management of waste and raw materials.


The resulting end products are: 1. Aluminium-free caustic soda that is reused and 2. dehydrated aluminium hydroxide that is directed for recycling and full recovery in cleaning products by a specialized management company.

The high efficiency of the automated system has achieved a 30% reduction in total amount of waste to be handled from the very first year of operation, while reducing caustic soda supply requirements - savings proportional to the recovery rate - which contributes significantly to the company's strategy for a green and sustainable supply chain.

These are only a small element of a multifaceted process which, as a whole and with each passing year, we are upgrading. We remain committed to our vision for a green future and a cleaner environment, and we guarantee that we will make every effort to achieve it.

We protect the environment in PRACTICE and utilize sustainability opportunities with the aim of continuous improvement.